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"Living in Nashville, I have been exposed to mixology and more modern interpretations of classic cocktails through friends that I have in the bartending industry. I wanted to pay tribute to some of my favorite classic cocktails with this series of block prints."

Straw Castle started out as small independent clothing line, which lead into something Derrick could have never imagined. A year or so into his clothing line release, he started getting emails from a wide range of clothing lines and merch groups that had seen his designs and loved what he was doing. It’s just unfortunate that this did not result in the way of sales for his clothing line. What it did do, is give him the opportunity to work with these kind folks creating designs for their perspective projects.

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In April of 1901, as the bicycle was beginning to emancipate womenPearson’s Magazine published an article titled "Self-Protection on a Cycle" – a guide to using the bicycle as a self-defense weapon, now adapted in this impossibly wonderful animated GIF bygrofjardanhazy.

The lede reads:

Self-Protection on a Cycle – How you may Best Defend Yourself when Attacked by Modern Highwaymen, Showing how you should Act when Menaced by Footpads, when Chased by another Cyclist, and when Attacked under various other Circumstances; showing, also, how the Cycle may be used as a Weapon

The article begins:

It is a mistake to suppose that all the romance of the night road is past and done with – the romance of the merry old days when highwaymen lay in wait for the benighted traveler on every lonely bit of country road, in every wood, on every stretch of waste land.

Note how progressive it was to feature a woman demonstrating some of the moves, given the article was published just six short years after this amusingly appalling list of don’ts for women cyclists – it was truly the dawn of two-wheel emancipation

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